Neglected atom has top properties for atomic clocks


Like watchmakers choosing superior materials to build a fine timepiece, CQT physicists have singled out an atom that could allow us to build better atomic clocks. The team report on the potential of the element lutetium in Nature Communications. “The ultimate performance of a clock comes down to the properties of the atom – how insensitive the atom is to its environment. I would call lutetium top in its class,” says CQT Principal Investigator Murray Barrett.

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Presenting CQT's Annual Report for 2017


Download the latest annual report of the Centre for Quantum Technologies to learn more about CQT's people, research and events. This edition comes as the Centre reaches its tenth anniverary. The report includes an interview with the Chair of the Centre's Governing Board, stories about our graduates and articles on the future of cryptography, among other topics.

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A national research centre of excellence


The Centre for Quantum Technologies was established as a national research centre of excellence in Singapore in 2007. We have over 150 scientists and students doing research into the foundations of quantum physics and the ways quantum physics enables new technologies. 

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Design innovations smash a record for photon source brightness

CQT researchers have broken a record for the brightness of an entangled photon pair source, thanks to design improvements reported in Optics Express. In the process, they discovered that scientists have for decades been making such devices more complicated than they needed to be.

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Simulation of superfluid atom rings paves way for experiments

Kaleidoscopic patterns from a CQT paper on ‘atomtronics’ – the idea of building devices based on circuits through which atoms, rather than electrons, flow - are featured in Singapore newspaper The Straits Times.

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CQT Principal Investigator speaking at Innovfest Unbound

Catch CQT's Troy Lee speaking on quantum technologies at Southeast Asia's largest innovation festival, innovfest unbound, 5-6 June in Singapore.

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Check out the career opportunities available at CQT - groups across our Centre are recruiting at all levels.

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Highly excited atoms show promise for quantum networks

Future quantum networks may need a technology demonstrated in a laboratory at CQT: a way to use Rydberg atoms to convert microwave signals into optical signals. The work, by the experimental group of CQT’s Wenhui Li with theorists Martin Kiffner and Dieter Jaksch, is described in a paper published in March in Physical Review Letters.

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